Patricks Pages

Let’s tell the world

Lies of the past

Present and future
Tell children

To obey

And not live 

I’m not capable

Of living my dreams

Is how the world seems

The media


Occult news 

Just the same sad story

Of blood, guts and glory

Repeating history

No way out

Lights out

Black out

Bullying here

Bus stops there 

Living nightmare 

I swear to God and Satan

I don’t fucking care

To respect a triple dawg dare

I know that 99 

Is lesser than 1

We the people, are dumb

A wolf in sheep’s clothing 

Caring nothing of his own

Living life in the unknown 

If God is us

And Satan saves our souls

Dogma all around

I’m not you

I came to earth to fuck it up

For knowledge

You’re all weak

Trembling in your knees

To the fucking illuminati