Why the birds create

I as a cellmate

Didn’t know what to do

Cause the crime rate

I’m a believer

On the paths of life

That I’m trying to get to tonight

In order for me to have

Eyesight for the blind

Film it then press rewind

Feeling the earth grind

I find peace of mind

Letting letters out

Of their boxes

Sly foxes 

And their eye sockets

Now give me your wallet


Does The Date Matter

All the echos in my mind

Show me where I’ve been blind

Help from Spirit Guides

On this crazy life ride

With God on my side

I slide into the school bus seat

Crossing my feet

Hoping for a blank sheet

Of new found hope

Without dope

No knoose around my throat

Floating in a trance state

What is my gate

The date doesn’t matter

Rays of light

Head my way

Pushing me forward

In life’s play

With many grey areas

That still echo

Wondering if I’ll ever know

How the story goes

I close the deck shut

And just keep looking up


The Disease

I’ll disrespect every belief

Because I am the disease

Never knowing an end

Just the freeway bend

Of driving while intoxicated

Thinking your ego’s deflated

Created by one shot

Losing every precious thought you’ve got

Feel the guilt and shame

That comes at the end of the game

Even though you love so much

You’ll destroy everything you touch

I am your master

Of complete defeat

Now get on your knees

And pray for me to cease

It’ll be your only release

Your only defense

Hence forth, set to suffer

Every sibling, every lover

I will never stop

Owning you, making you troubled

Let me lie and you believe

Yours truly

The disease


Ill Feelings

It disgusts me how ill

You make me feel

I can still feel the break

In my heart

Signed by you

Sincerely untrue

I can’t even begin to start

How off the charts you are

Where stars become puss

From you picking

Sticking your vicious tongue

All over my mind

You just sat

When I was grinding my bones

And I always felt alone

Even when we were both home

You’ve shown me your true color

Pitch black

Bitch get back

Your lack of sleep shows

And I don’t know

How you keep going

Blowing off time

Glad your life’s not mine



Like black cats under ladder’s

My hats on backwards

Because that doesn’t matter

The superstitions of the world

Fingernails curled

Whirling tornado’s

Like my ego

Bound to drive

A wrong direction

Infection of the mind

Lessons from being blind

Although I already knew

The chaos grew

From just a few actions

Subtractions from the free

My altered reality

Of non-conformity

False pride had me

For a few hours ride

Now the spectrum has turned 

And I ache at that action

1\2 of a 2\3rds fraction

Where will this go

I do not know


Joker’s Card

The sum of the story

Was too gory for me to see

In this alternate realm of spirituality

Writing on the waves of time

Whether millions or dimes

I know writing in the lime light

Keeps me sacred

From fake states

With no one here to checkmate

The time is late

And I am here

Whether the truth prevails

I know the water well

Spell after spell

Time after Time

I riddle, I rhyme

To see my senses fail

Detecting mines

Rumple Steilskin

Had a toe

And I truly don’t know

Where this will go

But the Joker has me

Hand in deck

Up to my neck

Where false egos

Erase everything