I’ll be simple

And let this ripple


In plain form

Winter’s storm

Snow flakes

And earthquakes


As she reads my hand

Telling me my fortune

Of dark and light

Giving me second sight

In the coldest night

No fight or fright

Just might

And the will to work


Black Magic

I need the dark

To show me

Tails of old

Of fools gold

And treasure troves

Listening in silence

Waiting for angels

Or demons

To show me their true form

Slicing through this mental storm

Reform society

In early sobriety

It eats at me

What I do not know

And where it comes from

Black magic is some

Forming my own beliefs

Walking the empty streets

Of mental insanity

What is this calamity


Ceasing To Float

The thought crept in & came

Of how I play the game

X rated & profane

Verbal abuse and shame

All ticking on the clock

As I beat the time

Redefining the best

The least understood

By members of the brotherhood

All in good standing

Bloody handshakes surround me

The white cloth

Soaked blood red

The victim at the stake

Naked & dead

Shedding her skin

For his pig mask

The task of skinning

While grinning

Laughing up a storm

With scorn

Sworn by oath

Taking notes

Of how not to float


Life Lessons

The High Priestess teaches me

And has for years

She lets me know

I’ll be alright

Always telling me to put up a fight

Spirituality is what I seek

Even if I am looked at like a freak

Knowledge of our ancestors

Passed on through centuries

I strive for harmony

Which, for me

Comes through sobriety

And being alright with me

Accepting life positively

Looking for lessons

In everything

I know I am capable

The start is sobriety 

The fight between my heart and head

Because my head wants me dead

The elders led me out of the dark

And the disease is like a hungry shark

Waiting patiently

Stocking me

Watching me to see if I’ll slip



The Words Got Worse

Time spent writing 

Is a form of fighting

Electric lightning

Flames rising

From the abyss

Judas’ kiss

The lips of venom

From the girl

In the light blue denim

If I only had a clue

Of what I was getting into

I would’ve thought

I’d never make it through

Getting in a relationship with you

I knew you were trouble

Thought we’d make a perfect couple

But the pain doubled

Every mistake I made

Making it worse with words

Going insane

Being your slave

All my heart, I gave

Ridiculed & shamed

I started digging my own grave

Hating hearing my name


Friends Of Mine

This I know

My friends are true

They love me for me

And help when I’m blue

We talk much

Such a beautiful thing

Speaking thoughtfully

You’ve got my back

And I yours

Opening new doors

Of life unseen

Thee ultimate team

Taking life on seriously

With all the calm and all the strife

We’ve got each other

How we like

Together in care

I swear I’m there

Even if it’s not fair

I’ll grab a chair

Sit and listen

Watch the tears glisten

Down your beautiful face

We put each other in place

Never holding back

Hearts strong

For the next attack

Crack a joke

Smile with me

Let’s enjoy being us

And being free