The Ultimate Maze

Once upon a time

Crowley ruled thee earth

Slept with men

And women with curls

Ate the goat

That bled in a boat

Ripping out his intestines

Loving the blood

As Lucian bled a sweet symphony

The power came back

The voice I once heard

Telling blasphemous stories

Licking venom from my mouth

Headed east in an alternate realm

Of your mind



Not even blinking

As this truth unfolds

In my spiral notebook

To look & find a mind

As brilliant as mine

And live to tell a line

Of life

My sentence is long

And tricks the last

Now scream a shout

And find out

I am out

Dead Leg

My leg is dead

With nothing going on in my head

Rest in motels

After picking up sea shells.

We ride so Valiently

Galloping horses

And their riders at night!

Stuck the butcher

With my bloody knife.

Then I slit his brothers throat

Floating ballons

Coming from IT.

Beep beep Richie!!!